About KJ


KJ Denhert

Denhert is an artist unbound by identity directives. A gifted guitarist, she draws from a broad palette of urban musical heritage, and jazz and folk traditions. Her soulful and smoky vocal stylings are earthy and elegant. Her formative influences include singer songwriters like, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell. Born the same year as Michael Jackson and Prince she embraced them and loves Stevie Wonder and Chaka Kahn, and everything from the classic folk of Canadian songwriter Bruce Cockburn to the jazz rock fusion of Steely Dan and of course the Beatles who she re-invents on several of her last albums.

KJ has been joined by a family of world-class players who transcend genres, and are sensitive to the dynamic subtleties of her expansive artistry.
The roster on July 18th in Branford will include Adam Armstrong (Bass), Nicki Denner (Keys), Mark McIntyre (Guitar), and Ray Levier (Drums).

“I am thrilled to come back to Branford, “said Denhert. “I have wonderful memories of my first show there. These days shows are a gift- a chance to reach for beauty in the day to day. My day to day was always music no matter what else. These days there are so many factors to consider- I have songs of hope and stories based on my adventures. I love a chance to sing along with an audience and I hope the new songs and the old will make for a super summer show. That last Branford show was one of my all-time favorites” said KJ.