• 7/21/22 ~ Isabella Mendes & Flavio Lira Quintet

    She continues to write and compose music- her album “Blame Destiny”, was released in 2017- and has developed her own unique sound informed by not only her classical training but also her jazz, bossa nova, Brazilian and pop influences. She performs regularly throughout Connecticut with the Bossa Nova Project- a group of rotating musicians founded by Isabella- and as a member of Sambeleza, a trio that performs Brazilian Jazz. Her personal and professional goals include collaborating and connecting with a diverse group of performers and musicians, advocating for women in the arts, and bringing people together through their mutual love of creating and sharing music.
    Isabella also bring musicians together through her private music studio IMMusic, where she teaches private voice and piano lessons to children and adults as well as develops workshops that she has brought to schools and other community organizations. The school is based in Hamden, Connecticut, where Mendes has been recognized as a “Hamden Notable” for excellence in music.
    Hailing from Brazil, guitarist Flavio Lira has been pictured as a very active, eclectic musician with varied styles which have never restricted him. Since his beginning to music, Flavio has performed with groups ranging from Popular Samba to Classical Chamber Music.
    In 2013, Flavio moved to Boston, and during this stage of his journey, Flavio kept developing the passion for his own musical roots, as well as working with different musical traditions of the world, such as Jazz, Caribbean music and others.
    Now in Hamden, Connecticut, Lira is able to fully employ his versatility as a musician, collaborating with different artists and performing in prestigious venues, such as Birdland, The Jazz Forum and Jazz at Lincoln Center to name a few.
    As part of his most recent project, Flavio has released the album “Coffee Gold Sugar Cane”, a rhythmic fusion of Brazilian grooves, Cuban clave, Colombian folkloric and jazzy chords.
    “Being part of the Branford Jazz Festival means to share our beautiful Brazilian music with the community, bringing joy through music,” said Mendes.
    Isabella Mendes