• 7/27/2023 Nelson Garcia

    Nelson Garcia

    In 2009, this Billboard TOPPING saxophonist released his first solo CD album titled “El Poder de tu Amor” which gained a recognition in the US and sold over 40000 copies in 2 years. Nelson has two full length cd’s of Gospel jazz, five singles which were produced by Grammy nominated Chris “Big Dog” Davis and Darren Rahn. Recently signed by Next Paradigm records and currently working on a five song EP with Multi-instrumentalist and HIT producer Jacob Webb, Nelson’s most recent single “East Coast” is a ground breaking song that made number 12 on the Billboard charts. He was nominated in 2020 for Best Breakout artist by the Smooth Jazz Network among another 11 artists. Some of his major venues include “Something Jazz Club”, the Hartford Jazz festival in 2017, Levas Gospel Fest, Eastern Connecticut State University Night of Jazz (2018), The Nite Light Café in Chicago, Illinois, Taste of the Caribbean Jerk and Music Fest (2019), and many more. He is recognized by his soulful skills, his saxophone performing, his recording, arranging and composing of an array of music.
    He has a very intimate sound on the saxophone. Nelson just released his second CD titled “Time to Worship”. This 9 song album is a mix and blend of Latin Jazz, POP, Funk, Easy listening and other Latin genres. He continues to hone his skills via private saxophone lessons with Walter Beasley, Keyan Williams, DR.Chris Mickel, Antonio Luis Ortas, Juan Alzate, and Jon Blanck.
    Nelson is currently working on producing his 3rd CD which will be a live recording here in CT.

    “To be part of the 2023 Branford Jazz Series is only a dream come though that will allow me to share my passion and music to the local community and state,” said Garcia.